The Immigration Wall of Shame

Exposing bigoted language in the fight for immigration justice

The Wall of Shame is a MoveOn member-led campaign standing up to public and elected officials to make it clear that racist language has no place in the debate on passing comprehensive immigration reform this year.

"Hate Group"

"Rep. Tom Latham: Please don't associate with hate groups."

Cancel your appearance at FAIR's anti-immigrant event!.
"the I-WORD"

"The Times shifts on 'illegal immigrant,' but doesn't ban the use."

it's time to drop it.
"Anchor Baby"

Paul Ryan's phrase for Americans with undocumented parents

Tell Ryan Enough is enough!

Pushing anti-immigrant narratives

Tell him to resign!

A rotten tomato for Rep. Don Young

He Should ResigN!
Hate Banned
"what's fair?"

Tell Pandora to remove FAIR's anti-immigrant ads.

ban hate. remove un-fair ads!

Rep. Issa is pro-immigration but not pro-immigrant?

He can't have it both ways!
"More fertile"

Tell Bush to stop fueling stereotypes.

Tell bush to apologize!